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Homeboy Sandman never minces words and that remained true during an interview with WatchLOUD During the conversation, he derided the label of conscious rap” - which is often applied to his music - as racist and said that Black Lives Matter could stand to broaden its scope. So I'm not sure if it's a value judgment about rap being by black people versus people not really giving it a chance because of limited exposure to the genre. However, my experience differs with respect to punk rock and heavy metal in that I have heard some (mostly older) white people say that it isn't really's just loud noise. I agree with your sentiments on Kendrick's music and how he approaches the content he creates. Rap is not singing in most cases, because singing includes pitch and key as well as rhythm. Again Rap may be music but a Rapper is not a musician, unless he can sing, play, or compose.

I've heard rap dealing with family, thought, life, and all sorts of topics that don't perpetuate misogynistic, sexist attitudes. In the new millennium, rap artists have abandoned the anti-racism messages and focuses on money and sexual exploits (Sullivan, 2003). A significant part of hip hop culture, rap articulates the experiences and conditions of African-Americans living in a spectrum of marginalized situations ranging from racial stereotyping and stigmatizing to struggle for survival in violent ghetto conditions. When it comes to trap music being played today on the radio, it's the most common of songs being played.

Now conscious rap” has expanded to be more meaningful to people like me who grew up in nice neighborhoods while you can only expand the subject matter of big booty hoes and slangin rocks so far with trap music. In the ancient Indian traditions the temple dancers held also a place of respect and their music and dances were dedicated to the gods. PE created their own rules of hip-hop, becoming the most influential conscious rap group of the late '80s. Female sexuality is a major theme in rap music because men want to talk bout what they know.

But another important development is that not only are those angry conscious rappers of the 90's now middle-aged men, but those independent record labels that developed the genre, either no longer exist, or have been absorbed into the majors. But when the Westside Connection were top positive rap artists on BET continuing to belittle his character, Common, a conscious rapper, lashed back. Momentum was so great that the National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences, added a Grammy category titled, Best Rock or Best Gospel Rap.

And people tend to forget that most popular music, whether it is RnB or Rock music stems from black music. Especially when you take into account that basically the only place men and women of color can get a musical career is in R&B, hip hop or rap (or another appropriately ethnic music genre). To me Kendrick's music deals with subject matter that requires cultural context to fully appreciate.

Make no mistake-I think this article is spot on. I'm not denying that the way the mainstream reacts to rap music betrays the lingering racist sentiments many white people (myself excluded-but some of my friends and family included, unfortunately) like to pretend are no longer there. We tend to shift towards Hip hop music since it induces a feeling of liberation. Edreys also said he has his finger on the pulse of the industry and has watched hip/hop morph from conscious to gangster and from bubble gum to sexy.

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