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Almost every child has grown up learning to love and enjoy singing nursery rhymes. Both William Blake's The Lamb” and William Wordsworth's We Are Seven” could be used in compilation to teach children. The Medal winner, The House in the Night, features scratch board illustrations alongside comforting good night rhymes. Since nursery rhymes usually provide children's first encounters with fictional characters, exposure to nursery rhymes helps to build an understanding of the difference between reality and fantasy. Although, the creators of these nursery rhymes were quite clever and creative in pursuing and keeping their freedom of speech.

You don't have to go to any special classes to do this, just have a collection of songs or nursery rhymes ready that you enjoy. These popular nursery rhymes and kids learning videos make your home a kindergarten and preschool letting your child learn and have fun at the same time. Printable nursery rhyme worksheets are one of the literacy tools that help children to learn these rhymes well. Even serious literature for adults makes allusions to these well known rhymes, they are part of our cultural education and help us relate to earlier times with themes that are still universal.

Anne Anderson's work, as work of her contemporaries Charles Robinson, Mabel Lucie Attwell and Jessie Marion King is part of the era when art stopped being exclusive right of certain elitistic circles and finally came into every house, every home because the creative people started to believe this is the way it should be. You can even include nursery rhyme characters or make themes from their favorite storybook. For those who haven't heard, HooplaKidz is a YouTube channel which has some of the best and most engaging children's edutainment, a one-stop destination of kids songs, nursery rhymes, and much more!

The rhymes in this book are about the special times spent with Grandmas and the delicious food they cook. With the advent of printing press and the rise of literacy, these collected rhymes became popular as an early reader owing to their simplicity, entertainment value and their memorable lyrics. Nursery rhymes are an example of story songs and they stay with us as they are passed from one generation to another. There are many toys available that will introduce your baby to the world textures. Snoop Dogg M/V: South Korean musician PSY is no stranger to YouTube Rewind's top ten list, topping 2012's list with Gangnam Style.

What we consider nonsensical rhymes for children today, were actually strong statements, parodies and satires of the times. You can make used of colored paper and have a favorite photo of your baby pasted at the center or side of the card. In fact, I am working on a Part Two to describe how Engish history in the 17th century provided much of the background for these scary-to-children tales. Use props or show pictures of different animals and characters in the nursery rhyme.

Then there are the books I want to get my hands on: Salley Mavor's fabric relief variation, Pocketful of Posies; Kady MacDonald Denton's A Child's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes (Have you seen her illustrations for Bonny Becker's A Visitor for Bear?); and Sylvia Long's Mother Goose (Her illustrations for Dianna Hutts Aston's books An Egg Is Quiet, A Seed Is Sleepy, and A Butterfly Nursery Rhymes Compilation Is Patient are really something.).

You can be happy to note in our preschool, we really included it as part of the curriculum to make sure we don't lose this precious part of our cultural heritage. But, while I took the rhymes at face value, the rhymes really did have a message to convey back in the day they were originally created and written. Preschools and even day care centers place importance on rhymes and familiarizing children with them on a daily basis.

Some of our favorite Mother Goose nursery rhymes we learned as children were originally written as secret and subversive messages for their time. HooplaKidz is a YouTube sensation (/hooplakidz) with over 400 million views and over 400,000 subscribers. I found this so interesting myself as I researched it. Here I thought I would be writing about some simple but entertaining rhymes and had no idea what meaning I would really find.

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